U.S. Space Force Song

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United States Space Force – Service Song

U.S. Space Force: “The Invincible Eagle”

John Philip Sousa

“The U.S. Space Force March,” is an interim song for the newest military branch based on John Philip Sousa’s 1901 march, “The Invincible Eagle.” Sousa, “The March King,” wrote the piece while traveling by train between Buffalo and New York. According to a member of the Sousa Band who was traveling with him, he put the piece on paper with fervor, not breaking until he had written the accompaniment and “picked out the march on an [imaginary] violin on his fingers.” Sousa had high hopes for the piece, likening it to another celebrated U.S. march, “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

I want to join the Space Force
And wear a silver suit
I’ll have a day-glow ray gun
And a box to store my fruit
We’ll cruise around the galaxy
Taking all the bad guys down
No crime will go unpunished
Cause the Space Dogs are back in town

Working hard on weekends
Wheels up when it’s time to fight
We’ll keep the spaceship tidy
No smoking when this bird’s in flight
Helmets made of sugar
Shoes are made of glass
We’re coming up on a meteor shower
Hold on cause this too shall pass

Get right with the mission
Coming from Space Command
Can you send us our orders?
Do you see a safe place to land?